Friday, April 8, 2011

Naked Man

I finally got the kids to bed after a long day of moving and exploring our new neighborhood. Because we don’t get Internet at the apartment yet, Jeff headed down to the bike shop to download emails. This left me time to fully take in my new surroundings. I was enjoying the peace and quiet of our apartment while sitting on our sofa and I decided to look out our window. I’m just fascinated with city life. I looked down and saw the Metro line in front of our apartment. I watched people get on the Metro and wondered where everyone was going. Then I looked up and across at the building directly in front of me and just watched and pondered about everyone’s lives. I felt like Joey and Chandler on Friends as they watched the people in the building across from them. I scanned the building and saw an old grandma watching TV, a lady and a man having dinner together, a guy just chilling on his balcony, another lady cleaning her kitchen, an old naked man on a ladder in his closet, a lady… Wait a second! An OLD NAKED MAN ON A LADDER IN HIS CLOSET!!! EWWW! I wanted to shout out the window… “NAKED MAN, WE CAN SEE YOU. YOUR BLINDS ARE OPEN!”

It just made me realize that I better shut my blinds while I’m naked on my ladder! Because if I can see them, then they can see me!

Welcome to the city!


Bec said...

Hahaha...wish I was perusing your neighborhood from your window with you!!! ...Twould be fun....c`est la vie...

Christa said...

Wish you were too Bec! It's been funny to live in the city. So many funny things that happen everyday that keep us laughing and on our toes...crazy! We are missing you!!! Are you planning your vacation to Paris?