Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Come Follow Me

We were going over the FHE lesson tonight, and we were talking about following Christ and the different ways to follow Him. We asked the girls this question: "If Jesus Christ came to you and said 'Come follow Me,' would they go?"

Mya said "Yes I would go."

And then our sweet little Celine said "No, because then you wouldn't know where I was."

She was worried that we wouldn't be able to find her. So cute! We started to explain a bit more and she said.. "Oh yea, Jesus will let you know somehow... It's Jesus!"

Friday, April 24, 2009

A child's mind

I really wish I could remember what it was like to be a kid again, or just to be able to think like a kid or to somewhat understand their thought process! Why is it that no matter how many times you tell a child not to do something they do it anyway? Whether it is their curiosity that drives them or just their desire to see your reaction (or maybe sometimes them not even thinking at all), the things kids do just amaze me. For example....

Why in the world would Liv wipe her poopy bum on her beautiful white towel that has her name embroidered on it?

Or why does Celine use a whole role of toilet paper every time she goes to the bathroom?

Or what about the time they wanted to surprise me and mop the floor... They dumped a bunch of water onto the tile and followed it up by pouring Dawn dish soap all over the floor. It became one big soapy mess! Have they ever seen me mop that way??? NO!!!

Or when I asked Liv to clean up the bathroom, and she thought it would be faster to just throw everything in the toilet.... Oh yea, and then she went to the bathroom on top of all of it! Really? Hello??

and the list goes on..

I find myself repeating.... "Hmmm, that probably wasn't a good idea" or "That wasn't a very good choice" or "I think you should learn from this so it doesn't happen again." All I get is "Sorry Mom."

Boy they are lucky I love them soooo much!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The unexpected moment

Today was the day that I had to take Liv in to get her updated on her shots. I don't know what it is, but I alway get so wigged out when I have to get the girls their shots. I just think they are way too young to be putting this stuff in their body, but I know they have to have it at some point. I was a bit nervous to take Liv in thinking that the doctor was going to think I was this bad Mom for waiting to get all her immunizations, but it had to be done. I had been hearing about this Doctor Carry for a while and I was excited to check her out. Everything was going great and I was immediately impressed with the office, the staff, and Dr. Carry! As we were visiting with her Liv was being totally shy and wouldn't say a thing. Dr. Carry brought her chair close to Liv, bent down and said.. "Hey sweetie can you tell me your name?" She was wanting to get Livia to talk. I said to Liv "come on tell the Doctor your name." As we were sitting there in silence waiting for Livia to say her name... it happened. All of the sudden Liv let out the biggest, smelliest fart ever!! Dr. Carry and I laughed so hard we couldn't even speak for about 1-2 minutes. All I could say through the crying laughter was.... "I did not name her that!!!" Well the visit went great and before Dr. Carry left the room she turned around and said... "I will never forget you Livia!"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

More of Celine's beauty tips!

We were driving in the car and out of nowhere Celine say's "Mom, Clarissa in my class only wears her hair 2 ways everyday, and Brynn only wears her hair down with curls and a bow in it. I really think they should try something new... like Clarissa should wear a side ponytail."

She stopped talking and I was speechless.... I could see her little mind still thinking about how she thought they should wear their hair.. Celine is always talking about make-up, hair and fashion. When I am 50 I will be very stylish because I will have Celine watching my every move!

Thanks Celine!

Celine said to me today.. "Mom I saw on TV that their is this stuff called Proactive and it will get rid of all of your zits on your face. It only costs $32. I think it will make your face smooth mom."

I couldn't help but LAUGH! My 5 year old daughter was trying to give me facial tips on how to take care of my skin. Leave it up to Celine.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Paige the penguin

Mya was assigned the African Penguin for her class project. I asked her if she wanted to make a pinata... of course she was all over that. I figured it would be simple (it ended up being very complicated). She worked on it for a week and just when she was getting ready to attach the head it rolled off the table and fell on the floor and cracked the whole pinata. Tears streamed down her face.... she was so sad! I stayed up and paper mache'd the body and did my best to fix the broken pinata. I found out that the best way for Mya to apply the newspaper was to use a silicone basting brush. Just put the newspaper on the plate and paint on the flour mixture. It worked really well and she was able to apply the newspaper without getting it all over, and it looked clean and smooth..
The bad thing about this pinata was it was all trial and error. It didn't help that we had to fix it. Yippy we got the head on and it worked!!
It was getting late and she still had to apply the beak. It was taking forever and Mya was getting tired of holding the dryer, so of course I stayed up and tried to get it to dry.
The girls feel asleep during the drying of the beak. Once it was dry I had to wake Mya up to finish her penguin. I have to say that I really didn't want to wake her up, I just wanted to finish it for her so she could sleep, but I new that probably wouldn't be a good idea (She would have been so MAD at me!!!). Good thing she got her report done early or we could have pulled a all nighter! In the end this ended up being a great project and lots of fun! Not to mention she was so proud of her penguin and her accomplishment!
Everyone meet Paige the penguin!