Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lori's Wedding

Its official.... Lori's married! Its about time someone else has to take care of you Lori. Ha ha! Just kidding! It was definitely bitter sweet for me to see her get married. I have known Lori since she was 12 years of age. I have always been very close to Lori! Not only were we sister-in-laws, but we became great friends, and after the death of her parents I became the mother figure in her life (scary, I know!). I am just so happy Lori found the perfect match! We absolutely love Tim and know that he will take good care of her.  

Lori's bridal shower

I have been looking forward for a long time to host Lori's bridal shower and I finally got my chance.... Then I started feeling like everything had to be perfect! Good thing I had some wonderful and reliable friends to help me through it.... Yea, LUCKILY! Here are just a few pictures.....

Me and the bride-to-be.
Mom, Angie(Sister-in-law) and Julie(Friend)
I decided to have a brunch and serve quiche and crepes with bananas foster, strawberries, blueberries and peaches. It was delicious! .  

Look how perfect Roslyn's cookies turned out! She even added gold on the top of the cookie for the Angel Moroni. These cookies are as good to eat as they look. I think Roslyn has made cookies for every function and party I have had! Good thing we're friends! I love her!!

After making this banner I thought I probably should have put her last name instead of her first because she ended up putting it in her bedroom. Oh well.
I went to Joann's to get all my pink fabric and totally scored.... I got it all 75% off.. YES! I got enough fabric to cover my dining room table, kitchen table, and drink table. 
Here I just had everyone fill out some advice cards. I'm sure some of them were pretty funny to read. 
I just spruced up her engagement pictures and embellished with stickers.

A little SHOUT-OUT to.....
Julie for making her famous quiche
Roslyn for the cookies and banana foster 
Brooke for the darling invitations

I have some talented friends. Thanks ladies! Love ya!!!

Blogging Hiatus

Ya ya, I know.  It has been forever since the last time that I blogged.  That is why I am posting such old pictures (way back to the 4th of July ... GASP!).  I've tried many times (unsuccessfully I might add) to pass the "blogging baton" over to Jeff but it just hasn't worked out.  I apologize to my friends (the blogging faithful) that have stuck with it even through their busy times like we all have.  You bloggers are a true inspiration, and I will try to live up to the example of consistency that you have set!  ;-)

4th of July

This 4th of July we decided to do something we have never done before as a family ... attend the Stadium of Fire in Provo, UT (ok, ok, so the main reason we wanted to go was to see Hannah Montana with our girls!).  Because the 4th landed on a Friday we decided to make a trip of it and go spend some time with family and friends for the week.  After spending some time in St. George with Tyson and Leah (my brother-in-law and sister) we headed up to Brian and Heidi's (my brother and sister-in-law) in Kaysville, UT.  It was so fun to go up and hang out with them for the week (and get out of the Vegas heat), and our girls had so much fun being with their cousins!  On Wednesday we went to Seven Peaks Water Park with the Stott's (our friends from Vegas) and our nieces and nephew.  Everyone had a blast!  The younger kids hung out with the older cousins all day, making the day at the park significantly easier on the Mom's and Dad's.  Thursday we took all the kids to Discovery Gateway Kid's Museum at the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City, followed by an adventurous meal at PF Changs (7 kids : 2 parents ratio = adventurous!).  Friday we attended the Kaysville local parade (they know how to party in Kaysville!) before heading down to Provo that afternoon for the Stadium of Fire and Hannah Montana.  We got down to Provo in time to spend some time at the Stadium of Fire parade and partake in their festivities before heading to dinner and the concert.  The concert itself wasn't the best (Jeff and I were pretty disappointed in Hannah Montana's performance, although our girls didn't seem to notice). Here are some pics from our trip...