Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Celine

Birthdays are very big deals in our family, and Celine's birthday was no different.  We celebrated for an entire week it seemed, and heard many times from Celine "Well it's my birthday, so....."

Friday - We invited her close friends and went to Libby Lu to get all dressed up.  The girls had a blast!  Here they come...the Libby Lu cuties!  

After a makeover fit for a princess they came out with new hair, lots of makeup and perfectly polished nails.  Smile ladies!!  Afterwards, we took all these fancy ladies to lunch at Red Robin.   They thought this was the best day ever.

Saturday - We went out to dinner with close friends. 
Isn't she cute!  We just love those adorable eyes and adorable smile!

Sunday - We invited all of the family over (and some friends as well), and celebrated her birthday with one last dinner.  What a great week!

Now a little bit about our Celine...

We just love our little Celine!  She truly is our precious little girl!!  However...... 
Sometimes even we (her parents) are surprised at how particular she is (or what some would call HIGH maintenance!).  Of course she would want to go to Libby Lu to get her nails, make-up and hair done. She is a girl that knows what she wants and is not afraid to let you know it. She knows the day before what she is going to wear and how she will wear her hair. She definitely has her favorite outfits and she will wear them over and over if I let her. When she is in the bath we have to hurry and either wash or hide these outfits so that she can wear something else. Grandma bought her some shirts and skirts that say "Beautiful" and "Cute". I don't think she took them off for a week. 

One of her funny moments....

Celine: Mom, I can't believe that I'm already 7! 

Me: You're not Celine.  You're 5.

Celine: No, I'm 7!! I had a birthday on Friday, a birthday on Saturday, and a birthday on Sunday, so now I'm 7. 

Me: [As I'm holding in my laugh] Well sweetie we just celebrated your 5th birthday 3 times so you are still 5.

Celine: Oh man!  That stinks! (I told her when she turns 8 she can get her ears pierced, so I think she was trying to skip Birthdays.  Ha!).