Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Caroling

This was the Stott's annual Christmas party and hay ride to sing christmas carols. The kids love it, and look forward to the party every year. We had a lot of fun, but it sure was cold that night. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow in Vegas

What a beautiful sight, and I can't believe I missed it. I went to take the girls to Zion, UT to see the snow.  Jeff had to stay home and work so he got some pictures. 


fun in the snow

It was so fun to get out of Vegas and head for the snow. I loved every minute of being at the Stott's cabin.  Relaxing by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. It was priceless to see the girls faces when they got to play in the snow. 

I was so nervous when I woke up and saw how much it snowed. I was wishing Jeff was with me to drive home. It was scary for me to drive in this but I made it home. Phew! Lots of prayers!
I felt so bad for the cold cows... I would be really mad if I were them!
You gotta love Zion! It really was a beautiful sight! 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bingo Night at the school

Liv would just fill up her card and say "I won" and get so mad at me when I didn't take her up to get her prize. She was so proud of herself for filling up all the squares.

Celine and Daddy were a good team! They even ended up winning one of the rounds.
They didn't win anything, but they sure had a lot of fun!
This is what Celine ended up winning... a cheese grater. I actually needed a new cheese grater, so that couldn't have worked out better. 

More random pictures of Liv

I can't keep up with her... 

She decided to get into Celine's play make-up 

She rubbed it all over her...

...and all over my carpet. I had to have Jack the carpet cleaner come. He got it out... He is the best! 

After she created a beautiful green center piece with my glass dishes she decided to enjoy some peanut butter right from the jar. 
I found her like this. Enough said.

She was putting her carrots into her sandwich. "Mommy I'm making a cake. Do you want do blow out the candles?"
Getting into the pantry again. Livia is getting herself dressed these days.  Pink dress with Christmas pants..Nice outfit liv!
She was totally serious about this look and would not let me fix her. Yea, we went out that way! 
Once again she put a lid on her finger that I had a hard time getting off. 
I started to get nervous, but I finally got it off with olive oil. You think she learned her lesson from the last time she did this same thing!!!

Good thing you are so dang cute Liv!

Food Storage

So I am over safety preparedness and food storage in my ward. And I made a goal that I would have a year supply of food storage by the end of the year. I can't really encourage people to get theirs if I don't have it myself. I already had some, but not all. It wasn't as bad I thought it was going to be. I actually became obsessed. Its such a good feeling to know that you are prepared and have food if anything were to happen.

Thanks Celine-My little Helper
She held all the bags and even decorated them with stars, moons, and her name. :o)

Bagging in Process 

Dried Carrots. I'm sure they will be good when I'm starving. 

What a mess it made!
I thought I was done right here, until I went to put this away and found 2 more 50 pounds bags of wheat.... ARGH!  Ok, now my next goal it to be able to cook a good meal with what I have. Can't be that hard... right?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Party!

What a great way to see a movie... Party room, good friends, good food, a yummy "Nothing Bundt Cake", Twilight CD and reserved seating.  I had my good friend Shona and her daughter Taylor (it was Taylor's b-day gift) flying in from Salt lake to see the movie with us, so I knew it better be fun. We all had a great time. It was so nice to be able to enjoy ourselves, and not have to wait in a big long line. I'm glad that I pulled it off..

on the card ........"What if I'm not the good guy... What if I'm the bad guy?"

...all of my Twilight buddies

Here is our reserved seating. Loved it!

Thanks everyone for coming!! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going private ya'll

I'll tell you the real reason why I'm going private when my blog is actually private...

Also, I was looking through Craigs List today because Celine wants an iPod shuffle for Christmas, and I just can't justify paying full price for that.  She is only 5! Anyway, I have been emailing asking questions to total strangers.  I'm not sure why, but I realized that my email is my whole name and I have just now given it to this total stranger. I kinda got freaked out... then I start analyzing, which I should never do because I can wig myself out real fast. I googled my name, and what do you know.... up popped my blog.  It's that easy.  Now this stranger knows me, my family and everything else.  It really bothered me.  So..... I decided to go PRIVATE!!! Don't worry.. I'll give you some time to email me before I switch over:o)

Please email me your email address so I can now invite you to my " OH SO PRIVATE BLOG". 


You should try googling yourself its kinda creepy. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This was probably one of my favorite trips we have taken, and we didn't even have to go that far. Once again Jeff hooked us up with an amazing stay at a spectacular new resort.  A beautiful property off the coast of Newport Beach in Southern California, The Resort at Pelican Hill sits perched upon 504 acres of sun-drenched hillsides. We stayed in one of the Villas (which was a 4-bedroom villa with more square footage than my house!). The villa overlooked the ocean. It was amazing!  We truly were treated like the rich and famous. Little did they know we are not rich, and not famous... 
The moment we arrived they treated us so well. The kids had a cookie plate with their names on it, and also got a gift bag with their names on it. Included in the bag.. Note pad, pens, bubbles, and sand castle stuff.
Celine and Brynn enjoying their notepads 
I absolutely LOVE him! 
The gift bags kept the girls entertained the entire trip. 

Look at Mya's eye's... She couldn't be happier at this moment.
I was stoked when I saw the organic milk. 
The trip wouldn't have been complete without Ryan strutting his stuff in his wet suit. 
Celine and Brynn relaxing in the hot tub.
We spent an entire day at the pool. We had bungalows right in front of the kiddy pool. 
The big dorks brought laptops. They were pretty excited when they realized that each bungalow had a TV. Say hello to Sportscenter. 
On his phone working.. Oh well, at least I got a vacation out of it. 

The big pool

Whatcha looking for Liv??
Posing for the picture. Celine has it down. I think she was going for the Little Mermaid look.
We had a lot of fun with the Stotts.

I love this sweet face of Mya. 
Livia "What, I don't want to go".
She cried all the way home. 
Lori came with us and babysat. It was so nice of her, and it was nice to go on a date with my cute husband. We went to Javiers for dinner, and had to wait to go to the movies because I was falling asleep at the dinner table (Literally! I fell asleep at the dinner table!!). I don't know what happened but I was extremely tired.  I thought it was a good way to be able to go out the next night too. 

Shopping and eating.

The kids didn't care one bit that it was freezing. All they wanted to do was play in the water. I thought they were absolutely crazy, but they enjoyed themselves.