Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well, it's official. We have decided to move to Paris for Jeff's last semester in the MBA program (study abroad). We will be leaving at the end of March and will return at the end of July (4 whole months!!). Where are we returning to? Not sure yet... we'll get back to you on that. We are all very excited for this new adventure, but we're also feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the preparations it's going to take to get a family of 6 ready to move to Paris in a few months.

Jeff's been telling me for years... You know the quote.. Their is NO growth in the comfort zone and NO comfort in the growth zone. He usually makes us uncomfortable about 90 percent of the time. Jeff loves a challenge and loves to always try something new. He's the type to not only jump in with 2 feet but the whole body .... CANNON BALLLLLLL!! Me? I prefer to quickly dip my toe in and take it right back out again! I gotta test out the water first! I don't like the shock factor. Am I boring? Nah, I'm just cautious and I like to know the end before the beginning (I want details, details, DETAILS!). This helps me feel comfortable with how everything will work out before I dive in. Anyway, I digress... back to the quote. I definitely like being comfortable, so this will be a real growth opportunity for me. At least I'll be doing it in Paris, right? How bad could it be!! Anyone want to come over and help me with my french?!?!